Pranami and Safder (Kenya)

"Love Wins Everything and Everyone! When a Hindu girl from Guwahati met a Muslim boy from Kenya in UK, little did they know that their liking for each other will develop into love and that the road ahead will not be rosy. If at all, it'll be full of trials and tribulations and nothing short of a roller coster of emotions for them. Not only did they follow different religions, but their coming together meant one of them leaving their life, family, friends behind and moving to a country where they practically know just one person! It took many years for their respective parents to agree but these two stuck with each other and held on to their love like their life depended on it. They sealed the deal with a Nikaah Ceremony by the beach in Mombasa, Kenya followed up by an equally beautiful Hindu Wedding in Guwahati which is Pranami's home town. "