Awarded: Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 - 2018

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Meet the Photographer - Karan Sidhu

Karan's photography career had accidental beginnings. His passion for capturing moments drew him away from his job in the corporate world. When he first began photographing weddings, creating and preserving essential moment for others fueled him like nothing else ever did. Karan thrives in a high emotional and high energy environment. 

In his own words -

"The point is, to be a successful photographer, you don't need gimmicks. What you need is your heart and your mind in the right place. When I walk into a wedding, I walk in with a huge sense of responsibility. I am well aware of the fact that I am going to an event where I will be creating history for that family by making pictures that will potentially become heirlooms for generations to come."

Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 - 2018

Awarded by the prestigious 'Canon & Better Photography: WPOY Awards'

In only a few years, he's left a significant mark in the Wedding photography industry. Along with countless testimonials from couples and families, he was also awarded the prestigious Canon Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Award 2017-2018. His work has been featured in various magazines such as the Conde Nast Traveller, Better Photography and various others. Check out the contact page for more details.

We take pride in being able to seize the moment for you in a way that when you look back at your pictures, even after decades, you are transported to that exact moment and are reminded of what you were feeling back then.. 

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Heartwarming words from our clients 

Shikha & Akash, February 2018, Chandigarh

"Photography" a term that not only made my boyfriend (my husband now) but my whole family nervous for they knew that it wasn't just wedding photography but more like life and death for me. After going bonkers looking at endless options of Photographers, Akash (my husband) gave Karan a call and fixed a meeting the next day. We reach his studio and a few minutes into the Conversation I whisper "OMG, I love him" and there was my husband relieved for his his efforts were recognized and his task was OVER. We told Karan then and there that we do not want to look further and that was it for us. What made us do it? Obviously apart from his extraordinarily amazing work, Was it is his attitude towards life and work or was it his ways of comforting us. Was it just work for him? Clearly NOT. Was it the fact that people are less like people and more like mere service providers which wasn't the case with him. He felt like one of us, he felt like family. They say we have energies/vibes that we emit and if anyone of you reading this ever gets an opportunity to meet this guy in Person and have him for your special day, do not think Twice. For his energy is comparable to none and his work needs no introduction. Weddings can be very hard in our Country. Expectations, Emotions, Elaborate events and never ending stress. I have seen service providers ruining people's wedding. I have seen how now a days it doesn't matter if the groom is hours late but we plead the MA to be on time. It is that time of your life that will get over in a flash and you will be left with memories. But if done right, that once will be enough for you will have the moments to reminisce that you thought could never be captured and feelings that could not be put into words. So, choose wisely as this isn't just someone you are hiring to do the job. This man/team right here is going to give you something you will cherish for a Lifetime. PS - Karan, our families are much grateful and not once do we talk about our wedding without talking about you. We love you and your team so much. Thank you so all the great memories."

Best, Shikha and Akash

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