Shikha & Akash
February 2018

Photography" a term that not only made my boyfriend (my husband now) but my whole family nervous for they knew that it wasn't just wedding photography but more like life and death for me. After going bonkers looking at endless options of Photographers, Akash (my husband) gave Karan a call and fixed a meeting the next day. We reach his studio and a few minutes into the Conversation I whisper "OMG, I love him" and there was my husband relieved for his his efforts were recognized and his task was OVER. We told Karan then and there that we do not want to look further and that was it for us. What made us do it? Obviously apart from his extraordinarily amazing work, Was it is his attitude towards life and work or was it his ways of comforting us. Was it just work for him? Clearly NOT. Was it the fact that people are less like people and more like mere service providers which wasn't the case with him. He felt like one of us, he felt like family. They say we have energies/vibes that we emit and if anyone of you reading this ever gets an opportunity to meet this guy in Person and have him for your special day, do not think Twice. For his energy is comparable to none and his work needs no introduction. Weddings can be very hard in our Country. Expectations, Emotions, Elaborate events and never ending stress. I have seen service providers ruining people's wedding. I have seen how now a days it doesn't matter if the groom is hours late but we plead the MA to be on time. It is that time of your life that will get over in a flash and you will be left with memories. But if done right, that once will be enough for you will have the moments to reminisce that you thought could never be captured and feelings that could not be put into words. So, choose wisely as this isn't just someone you are hiring to do the job. This man/team right here is going to give you something you will cherish for a Lifetime. PS - Karan, our families are much grateful and not once do we talk about our wedding without talking about you. We love you and your team so much. Thank you so all the great memories.

Best, Shikha and Akash

Radhika & Karan
New Delhi
November 2017

I can’t even begin to express my happiness on having selected Karan Sidhu as our photographer. He and his team are an absolute pleasure to have around you those hectic days - he was amazingly warm and friendly with all our friends and family. More than anything else - the pictures are beyond anything I had expected. They capture each moment, expression and joy SO beautifully - I know I can relive those days anytime just by looking at these pictures. Thank you Karan - you've been a rockstar

Kaashika & Parth
New Delhi
March 2017

There were 3 things I was sure of the day I decided to get married - The guy I wanted to marry, the colour of my wedding lehenga and that the event had to be covered by Karan!! I must have stalked pics taken by Karan for atleast a year before I got married (2 people I know had the fortune of having him cover their weddings) and the day I knew what dates our wedding was to be I was back to looking at EVERY pic Karan had ever taken! I loved, loved, loved his work and still do... Karan has created magic with the pics he took for us.. the ease with which those pics were taken, the corners he wedged himself into, him suddenly lying down on the ground and heck he even CLIMBED a tree!!!! the end result.. - every. pic . was . a . masterpiece. Karan what can I say, I could have chosen no one better to be part of Parth and my big day.. and no better person. He's a gem to know and this is way beyond just the wedding.., his warmth and love shines through.. in the way he is..in the way he talks to you.. in the way he makes you feel comfortable .. in the way your family falls in love with him (My Masis ... all love him!) and the way that personal touch shows in his work... Karan .. Parth and I can not thank you enough! You have given us a lifetime of memories to keep and also a new friendship to treasure :)

Krishna & Neha
December 2016

First of all let me clear the doubts of people who are little skeptical after reading all the nice reviews of karan. please don't be. all of them are true! :) in short if you have a budget then don't look for any other photographer if he is available. I am not going to repeat all the nice things which have been mentioned in reviews but rather I would love to tell you what I loved the most about karan. First, he is always available for you. which makes you relax during the wedding hustle that he is always one text away. Second, he loves his job so much that you feel nice to have him around. He will not only be less obtrusive while taking pics but also you feel very comfortable and hence your best emotions gets captured. Third, Apart from taking good pics, trust him with his opinions and suggestions on colors and mandap setups , decorations etc. he is just genuinely involved with everything which is a big help during the time when you have to decide so many things during the wedding. Fourth, he never complains about anything. I know for sure during the wedding you can't plan for everything. but it helps if people support you in anyway because you are already trying very hard to make things right for everyone. I can go on for few more reasons why you should choose karan but I think tehese should be enough for anyone :) to karan, we were lucky to get you . everything happens for a reason. we are glad we are seeing our beautiful pictures through your lens :) hope you win all those awards!

Simar & Sarabjit
New Delhi
October 2016

Karan!!!! Your pictures have left many spellbound! We've been really lucky to be at the other end of your camera. Thank you Karan. One of the many best decisions we made for our Wedding was to have you as our photographer. I have been meaning to write this for a few days now but just couldn't describe how I felt the moment I saw a glimpse of our album. With every view we are reliving those special moments that you captured. Each picture is a conversation in its own right, full of emotion and depth. You have the ability to blend in so well and make everyone feel so comfortable that we didn't have to be conscious of the constant clicking. A special mention and thanks to Kriti as well. She just added to the madness that was :) But I still feel these words don't justify the magic of your work. Thank you once again Karan! You're too good at what you do. Shine on! Love Simar & Sarabjit

Sonal & Paritosh
April 2016

Karan's work is in one word magical! For my wedding, he captured so many perfect moments, all candid and natural - exactly what we were looking for! Coming from someone who hates(!) to pose, Karan yet managed so many amazing shots, he really has a gift for capturing those special moments. He was extremely easy to work with, very accommodating and most importantly, does not put an extra pressure on the bride and groom to pose for anything, but quietly captured gorgeous shots which none of us would have noticed had it not been for him and Kritti! Despite not being in India, Karan was always available to discuss what we were looking for and help plan & guide on type of shots we wanted. He delivered on exactly what we had discussed, and this was truly appreciated. Both his black and white and coloured shots are beautiful! And, all our family and friends have really appreciated his work. Karan, like I said earlier, a sincere thank you!

Divya & Deepak
March 2016

Jerzy Kosinski must have written this either for Karan or someone who is 100% an alter ego- The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke. This man, who is my favorite is a passionate, hungry soul who watches from his heart. Very clear about his work that he does 'candid photography', which is his art and may not entertain your made up poses. My husband and I were clear while finding 'the man' who will knit our wedding memories that its an investment we have to put a lot of research & time upon and we two approached legends of this fraternity but I thank heavens that one smart day I was checking one of our friend's wedding album on FB and reliased- Yes, this is exactly what we are looking for, Natural, Classy, Trendy, Vintage yet glamorous. We immediately called Karan who was kind to speak to us in length even when he was travelling and rest is history. Karan is totally a bride's man, he understands the various stages and emotions of a bride that she goes through in the entire period. He was always there to suggest me the colors I must pick up for my functions outfits, jewelry, decor that will give pictures a kick. He gels up with family & friends like his own and make them comfortable to get the most magical & meaningful moments captured for the rest of lives. Karan was one buddy around I was most comfortable to express at the time of functions and getting ready, so much so that he was the one who was taking care of my 'nath' each time it use to down, lol, Gentleman that he is ! I have to mention about his professionalism, punctuality, adaptability & listening abilities too along with his friendly composition. Again, the pictures that he delivers are product of passionate, detailed, thoughtful work that he does on field, also one thing that sets him apart his spontaneity which is beyond imagination. This man can never disappoint anyone, I am positive about it. I am already thinking of what all of my life events I can have him on board and capture again for us :-) Stay hungry, Stay foolish Karan as Painting is very easy when you don't know how but very difficult when you do. Your pictures are the poems without words that I thoroughly enjoy and wait for. Great luck to you buddy, Divya

Himani & Akkshay
January 2016

Don’t shoot what is looks like, shoot what it feels like?. One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is finding someone who can put meaning to those words. However with Karan we found more than just that. Surprisingly, to my delight I found a friend, a bride?s maid, a ring cleaner, a lipstick advisor, a fellow earthling who makes similar bubbles in his head on human reactions, a wonderful person and yes of course a marvellous photographer ! Getting Karan to shoot the wedding was such a blessing in disguise ! Candid photography is meant to capture you unaware, for which the most important thing is to not be intimidated by cameras around you. That’s a huge quality that this guy possesses. He just makes you so comfortable, that you realise you have been clicked only once you see yourself in the most heart-warming moments later. I have loved every picture clicked by him as they’ve brought to life THAT very moment for me over and over again. You have a long way to go Karu and all the best to you ! Sure you’ll go places. Stay as cute, mad, awesome and fun as you are and keep the great work going?Say cheeeeese !!! :D

Amrita & Ratan
December 2015

This is long time due now, so here it is... We saw Karans work last year ( In search the perfect photographer to capture our big day) from various sources and the more I saw the more I was convinced ..." that I need to lock him down for my wedding asap!! ". Luckily Karan was available for my wedding. I compared his photos with several other photographers, then showed them to my partner and with no hesitation and doubt I can say Karan's work was of very high standards. The more I saw the more I fell in love with his photos. Anyway..finally pinned him down ..yaay! On the day of our wedding, while all my family members were like crazy mad people running around, Karan was extremely professional yet felt like he was a part of my family. He was there with full enthusiasm ( even though he skipped his breakfast). He was not only there for his work but also as a very good friend ( way better than my very close friends) or should I say he plunged his hands into things that my family members missed ( they all love him now). I could see his passion towards his work- incredibly amazing!! When we saw our wedding pictures, we could not believe our eyes. I still look at them ( after have seen so many times) - each picture talks to me! Everything comes back fresh! Karan was there for 3 days and over these 3 days not only did I meet a world class photographer, but I also met a great human being and a good friend now. Keep up the good work Karan, I have no doubts you will reach the sky and stars

Sabina & Anoor
New Delhi
November 2015

I want to first talk about the human that you are before I write about your work .  When my mother met you first time she remarked "I met a really nice friendly guy". That I think was an understatement .My whole family had an instant liking to you .You are ever smiling and really warm. We thought we knew you for a very long time. You were part of family at first instant (who just was moving around with fancy photography equipment).  Your work is a reflection of yourself, it speaks for itself in the quietest possible way. Never did we once realize that somebody was capturing the most beautiful memories all the time .  Your work is stunning to say the least .  Thank you for being a part of family and giving us something we will all see a million times during our lifetime (I can't possibly call them photos ). You are truly a perfectionist :)

Harleen & Karamjot
November 2015


I used a word for Karan ' work ... Ethereal. A daughters wedding has to be perfect , so fate made us get in touch with Karan .. And the rest is history, quite literally .. No one could could have captured our memories better than him... Absolutely gorgeous and the beauty in each frame is unreal.. Thanks Karan, it was a pleasure!

-Amina Singh (Mother of the bride)